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[NSFS-081] (English subbed) I’m Proud Of My Wife So I’m Putting Her Out For Rent. A Young Wife Love Doll 2 Mina Kitano

NSFS-081 Synopsis – No spoilers edition

Ozawa is a rich and old guy who manages to marry Mina Kitano, a young & pretty wife who is literally perfect in every regard. Such a good wife, that Ozawa felt very guilty after he discovered that he has erectile dysfunction.

The problem was driving made him nuts, and the overthinking made him take wrong choices.

The story was really fun to watch as the actors did so well and the plot moves forward nicely. I was surprised by the ending as I expected something much more explosive, instead, they went for a realistic ending, and that’s okay also.

The way this movie uses Ozawa took me by surprise. But that Yoshimura guy, on the other hand, sucked Mina’s pussy so loud that it was kind of comical. But who could blame him for being a Mina enjoyer?

Overall. Very good movie. A very juicy Nagae setup, with good actors, and good sex scenes.


Kitano Mina



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