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[SSIS-386] (English subbed) She Had Nothing But Contempt For Her Middle-Aged Boss But To Her Utter Shock She Was Booked Into The Same Hotel Room With Him During Their Business Trip… Uta Hayano

Uta Hayano joins a company where her boyfriend also works. One day she receives word that she has to go on a business trip with a boss, a guy she hates deeply, and someone who has a bad reputation for being a molester.

On the trip, she ends up drunk and the guy, sure enough, makes his move.

A humiliated Uta feels the pain of doing all that with a guy she hates. But her mood gradually changed as she enjoyed the happening, and she finally could not conceal her lewd feelings.

Uta Hayano’s acting was so green and unpolished that it was charming and fun to watch. She added a lot of flavor to her character. The movie is the classic business trip setup sprinkled with many good moments and some pantyhose fetish.

Ultimately, her crazy good body and tits do the trick. One wonders how many more movies she had in store, but we will never know as she is already retired.

Overall: It is a banger.


Hayano Uta



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