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[IPX-516] (English subbed) My Awakened to Masochism girlfriend – Trained by her Fiancee’s M-Sex family – Momo Sakurazora

Momo started dating Masaru Kazama, a guy from work. Things are going well and he proposed to marry,
which she was happy to hear.

Eventually, she wants to meet with his family, to which he is very reluctant. It ends up happening
but by chance, not really by choice.

After meeting with his family, and receiving plenty of compliments for her beauty,
Momo learns that for her to be accepted into the Kazama family she would have to pass a “test”.

An important rule and tradition kept in the family for generations.

Big kudos to Tabuchi. He really is an imposing presence when takes this kind of role. Absolutely nails it. Momo does amazing too, very interesting character.


Sakura Momo



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