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[DASD-504] (English subbed) Black Man Homestay NTR His Underwear Can’t Contain His Massive Bulge Nao Shinguji

A colleague from the Father, a black guy from America named “Max,” comes to Japan and gets invited to homestay in the house, a good opportunity for him to discover the Japanese culture.

He quickly gets along with the family and especially with the daughter, Jinguji Nao, who accidentally ends up witnessing his Max power cock in the shower, leaving her speechless.

She ends up having sex with him, disregarding her Japanese boyfriend. A JP boyfriend that did try to stop them mid-intercourse, in a complete pathetic attempt where Nao didn’t even bother to acknowledge him.

Because Nao’s hips are made for BBC, and she is not going back.


Jinguuji Nao



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